Nevada's Single Point of Contact for Grant Notifications

Grant Notifications Required for State Agencies

All state agencies are required to provide grant notifications to the Office of Federal Assistance. Any agency that applies for or receives federal grant funding must notify the office. Such notifications result in reporting that provides necessary visibility and transparency into the use of grant funds for state leadership, the legislature, and the public.


    What to Notify the Office of Federal Assistance for  How to Notify the Office of Federal Assitance
    Any intention to apply for a federal funding opportunity (notice of intent)* Federal Assistance Notification Form
    Any federal funding application (notice of application)* Federal Assistance Notification Form
    Any federal award received (notice of award)* Federal Assistance Notification Form
    Any change to a federal award (notice of change in award)*
    (e.g., budget, budget period, project period)
    Federal Assistance Notification Form
    Any competitive federal subaward notices of funding opportunity or state-mandated grant opportunities for posting to the Nevada Grant Office’s website  Notice of Funding Opportunity Form**

      Any agency that applies for or receives federal grant funding must notify the Office of Federal Assistance, Governor’s Finance Office, and the Fiscal Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau: NRS 223.480, NRS 353.335, and NRS 353.245. For the receipt of federal grant awards and for the distribution of state (legislatively mandated) grant awards, the Controller's Office requires the completion and submission of the Job Number Maintenance form.

        * Notifications are required by State Administrative Manual (SAM) 3000 and Nevada Grant Policy "088-003 State Agency Required Grant Notifications" and subject to internal audit.

          ** Publication of notices of funding opportunity for all federal subawards and state (legislatively mandated) grants is required by Nevada Grant Policy "088-005 Developing a Notice of Funding Opportunity for Subawards."

          The Intergovernmental Review Process

          The Intergovernmental Review Process of Federal Programs was created by Presidential Executive Order 12372 to foster intergovernmental partnerships and strengthen federalism by relying on state and local processes for the coordination and review of proposed federal financial assistance and development. The order allowed each state to designate an entity or single point of contact (SPOC) to perform this function. Nevada designated the Office of Federal Assistance.

            In July 2018, policy 088-004 "Single Point of Contact (SPOC)/Intergovernmental Review" was approved as part of the Grant Policy Manual. All state agencies must go through the intergovernmental review process, regardless of whether the federal program is covered under E. O. 12372. Institutions of higher education, private, nonprofit or local government entities are required to go through the Intergovernmental Review process only for those programs covered by the Presidential Executive Order. Notices of funding opportunity are usually published in the Federal Register specifying E. O. 12372 requirements.

              All organizations complying with policy 088-004 or E.O. 12372 must complete a Federal Assistance Notification Form and provide a copy any any notice of award/non-award by emailing a PDF copy of the document to The Office of Federal Assistance will respond to requests within 5 business days and notify the organization whether or not an application was selected for review. The answer from the Office of Federal Assistance will inform the organization's response to question 19 on the SF-424. The intent of the Intergovernmental Review for Federal Programs is to increase collaboration statewide among entities applying for the same source of funds avoiding duplication of work. To that end, when possible, the Office of Federal Assistance asks for notification before the submission of the proposal/application to the funding federal agency.

                National Environmental Policy Act and Public Lands

                When a state grant involves either public lands or National Environmental Policy Act, applicants must notify the State Clearinghouse. For any federal grant proposal, any applicant in Nevada must notify the State Clearinghouse when any of the following are involved in the application:

                • Public land transfers
                • Military activities
                • Direct development projects
                • Major development projects requiring environmental impact analysis