Reports and Publications

Office of Federal Assistance Publications

To provide high-level grant guidance to state agencies and community partners, the Office of Federal Assistance has updated the Nevada Grant Manual (updated January 2018). This publication should be used as a primer to understanding grant funding.

Grant professionals throughout the state may also be interested in the Grant Policy Manual (approved an last updated June 2018). This collection of policies should be followed by state agencies and other organizations receiving subawards throughout Nevada. Some policies, such as the policy on Intergovernmental Review, apply to all types of organizations throughout Nevada who are pursuing federal funding. A collection of forms to accompany the manual are also available below.

The Office of Federal Assistance has complied the substantive updates made to the President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance for Grants and Agreements. These updates have the potential to directly affect state policy and procedures with regards to grant oversight, subaward management, and purchasing procedures. The Grant Office is providing the document to mitigate the increased compliance risk directly resulting from the COVID-19 crisis and the influx of federal funding. The summary report of updates is available below.

Office of Federal Assistance Reports

The Office of Federal Assistance is legislatively mandated to produce a report to the Nevada Legislature on or before January 1 of each odd-numbered year. In addition, our office provides reporting on performance, data, and other metrics.