Federal Grant Discovery

US Digital Response Grant Identification Tool

The team at US Digital Response (USDR) in partnership with the Office of Federal Assistance are offering a tool that compiles grant opportunities for those searching for federal grants, with ease, efficiency, and ability to facilitate coordination and collaboration with fellow grant seekers.
To access this tool, all interested stakeholders will be provided with login credentials and access to the cloud-based tool and its various features. 

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  • With a login you will have access to
    • Daily updates of grants
    • Sorting and filtering by close date, award amount, cost-sharing grants, eligibility, etc.
    • Email notifications
    • Ability to bookmark grant opportunities and share with partners
    • Exporting capabilities

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  • Find Federal Grants Faster
    •  Using a keyword search and eligibility codes you will not need to re-enter your search criteria with each login. You can also sort and filter your grants by award amount, cost sharing requirements, and close date as well as receive email notifications when new grants relevant to your saved search are found. 
  • Create Visibility
    • By marking interest and status for each relevant grant opportunities, organizations can create visibility for their team's federal grant focus enhancing potential collaboration and partnerships on projects and applications. Users can assign grants out to various members of their team to bring further visibility to opportunities. 
  • Stay Organized
    • Being able to bookmark relevant grant opportunities, assign grants to team members, and highlight grants to identify upcoming close dates, will allow your team an ability to organize federal grant priorities.
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at grants@ofa.nv.gov.

    Learn more and download the OFA & USDR Federal Grant Discovery Tool Overview Document

    Grant DiscoveryImage Description: Grant's Identification Tool
    Stay organized on your pipeline of federal grant opportunities. 

    • Bookmark relevant grants that you've reviewed
    • Highlight grants with close dates where your team might be at risk
    • Export a list of relevant grants to a CSV for you to distribute to others
    Features included:
    • Saved keyword search 
    • Email notifications
    • Sorting by close date
    • Export to CSV
    • Filtering out cost-sharing grants
    • Grant bookmarking
    • One platform for multiple departments and users
    • Collaboration tools:
      • Assign grants,
      • Express interest, show support, etc.