Compliance FAQs

Does the OFA offer assistance with the renewal process in

The OFA fully recognizes the challenges with We are limited in what we can and cannot do within, as well. The OFA is working to develop additional resources and best practices as it pertains to, many of which are a result of trial and error and partnership/feedback from other entities. We cannot do the renewal process for you, but we can provide guidance and/or best practice advice from our experience.

Does charge a fee to register or renew?

No, you can register with SAM without having to pay a fee for support. Please reach out to our team if you require assistance.

In, when a grant has closed but the Federal partner has advised that they intend to reopen the application period for agencies that may have missed/skipped the window, you will need to have the grant/opportunity number handy and search in “Archived” grants to monitor for the formal announcement. Is that correct?

Obtaining the grant opportunity number will be beneficial when searching for that particular grant and any formal announcements pertaining to that grant opportunity number. If it is the advice of the federal partner to obtain this information for the purpose to apply once an opportunity has reopened, it should be done.

In are users able to view/search for grants submitted by other agencies?

Capacity within does not currently allow users to be able to view or search for grants submitted by other agencies. If the intent of an agency is to explore potential partnerships and collaboration OFA encourages the submission of the FANF to inform and help OFA make those connections.

Single Point of Contact and the OFA Federal Assistance Notification Form (FANF)

When do I have to notify OFA about my grant application?

If your federal opportunity requires that you submit a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) or Intergovernmental Review, then you are required to notify the OFA in order to be compliant with the federal opportunity you are seeking. Go to the OFA website and submit the “Federal Assistance Notification Form” also known as the FANF.

If the federal opportunity does not require that you submit a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) or Intergovernmental Review, then you are not required to notify the OFA, unless you are a Nevada state agency per NRS*. (if you are not a Nevada State Agency, the OFA does encourage that you share this information to foster collaboration).

*NRS 223.480 State agency required to inform Office of any application for or receipt of grant and any unexpended portions thereof. [Effective July 1, 2022.]  In addition to any other requirement concerning applying for or receiving a grant, a state agency shall notify the Office, on a form prescribed by the Office, of:

  1. Any grant for which the state agency applies.
  2. Any grant which the state agency receives.
  3. The amount of any portion of a grant received by the state agency that the state agency determines will be unexpended by the end of the period for which the grant was made.


What is the Intergovernmental Review or SPoC for?

The Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs also known as submitting to the states Single Point of Contact (or SPoC) encourages or fosters intergovernmental partnership and allows OFA to help coordinate in state grant applications. OFA is the designated entity to perform this function and will review the submitted grant notification and generate the required SPoC Number that must be submitted with the entities grant application to be in compliance with EO 12372. Note, submission to the SPOC is not required by all federal grant applications but it is required for all state agencies per Nevada Revised State 223.480 and State Administrative Manual 3000.

Do non-profits need to submit the Federal Assistance Notification Form (FANF), housed on OFA’s website, or just governmental agencies?

Per Federal Executive Order 12372, if a federal application requires that an entity submit for SPoC otherwise known as Intergovernmental Review, then the non-profit would need to submit via the FANF to be compliant.

Do nonprofits need to submit the FANF for pass-through federally awarded grants?

No, a non-profit does not need to submit a notification via the FANF for pass through federally awarded dollars.

How can entities notify OFA if applying for a continuation application on a Cooperative Agreement?

Entities submit this information via the Federal Assistance Notification Form (FANF) at Entities would notify OFA of the “new award” and note that it is for an existing cooperative agreement within the FANF.

Is there a way to go into the FANF and see what parts of the notification have been previously submitted?

No there is not a way for individuals to do it in person but if you email OFA at, OFA will look into past submissions and provide an update.


Can a sub grant amendment be retroactive?

For a sub grant amendment review your award package and connect with your pass-through entity to discuss whether or not you may retroactively date an amendment to your award.

When an entity is a Pass-Through Entity (PTE) with an award, do the Sub-recipients need to complete any application to the Federal agency that gave them the award, like the EPA?

This is very much dependent on the relationship between PTE and Subrecipient and may depend on the scope of work. Remember that Pass Through Entities are responsible for the subawards and could add more restrictive elements to their subawards which may include directing reporting to the federal agency or federal program officer.