Federal COVID-19 Funding Received by Nevada

In response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic, federal funding support was developed to assist states responding to local needs to combat the effects of COVID-19 both from a health and safety perspective as well as economic support. To date, four federal bills have allocated COVID-19 funding. This flood of federal funding and applicable restrictions, including eligibility and allowable use, combined with a lack of cross-departmental federal coordination and rapid disbursement, has left many states struggling to track and coordinate federal COVID-19 funding. Despite these challenges, the Nevada Grant Office is tracking federal COVID-19 funding awarded to or received by any Nevada recipient from many information sources; this information, including categorization determined by the Nevada Grant Office, is subject to change. A new report will be published biweekly, starting October 8, 2020. Questions and comments regarding this report should be sent to grants@ofa.nv.gov.

    Federal COVID-19 Funding Reports by Week

    Tracking COVID-19 Opportunities and Awards

    While this may not be entirely inclusive of all forecasted and released opportunities, the Grant Office is doing its utmost to identify and track the vast amount of federal funding being released. This spreadsheet represents all of the information the Grant Office is aware of at the time of posting and is used to create the weekly Federal COVID-19 Funding Reports above. If you know of any federal funding opportunity related to COVID-19 that is not listed, please email grants@ofa.nv.gov with the federal program or award information.