April 25, 2023

The NOFO form, or Notice of Funding Opportunity Form, is an easy way for organizations and agencies across Nevada to input details of their funding opportunity and have it shared out to the rest of the state. If you are a state agency with pass-through funding and available subawards, submit the  subaward opportunity by filling out the NOFO form on our website. Once submitted and reviewed the subaward opportunity will be listed on our Grants Opportunities page. If you are looking for subaward opportunities visit the  Grants Opportunities page. Sharing of pass-through funding opportunities is a critical aspect of OFA's work in Nevada. By adding these opportunities to the database and making them easily viewable and sortable to all eligible entities, OFA helps to ensure that no federal funding is left unused. 

If you manage state funded awards or foundation funded awards the process is the same. Please fill out the details of the funding opportunity to the NOFO form on our website.

When a foundation or agency submits a grant opportunity through OFA's Notice of Funding Opportunity Form, it is added to the Available Funding database maintained by OFA, where it becomes accessible to all Nevada-based agencies and organizations. The sharing of all funding opportunities, but especially pass-through funding opportunities, is a critical aspect of OFA's mission to assist Nevada in accessing federal funding. Pass-through funding opportunities are grants that are awarded to intermediary entities, such as state governments, which then allocate the funds to eligible recipients. The sharing of pass-through funding opportunities is particularly important for smaller agencies and organizations that may not have the resources or expertise to locate and apply for larger federal grants. 

By making information about these opportunities readily available, OFA helps to level the playing field, allowing smaller entities to obtain funding and ensure no federal funding is deobligated back to the federal government.