NV Grant Matching Fund Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Grant Matching Training FAQ PDF


What is the turnaround time on a GMP application decision

Your average timeline from application to approval (notice provided) is about 2 to 3 weeks, at most.

How much time should be built into an applicant's timeline for this process?

Review of an application in general takes our team about 28/48 hours upon receipt. It is suggested that at minimum two (2) weeks should be built into an applicant’s timeline as the review process can on average take 2 weeks, at most, a month.

Are grant matching funds on a first come first served basis? Is there a chance that the timing of applications that there would be no available funds?

To date, this has not happened. We recommend that you still submit your application and request for a match as sometimes obligated dollars are not awarded and can be re-obligated to another award. There are currently no pending or waitlisted applicants.

Sometimes exhausting all potential sources of match happens a few days before the federal grant application submission deadline. If I submit a cost share match at this time will my application be denied?

An organization will become ineligible for the Nevada Grant Matching Program once a Notice of Award is issued. There is potentially still time to explore grant matches through the program during this in between period if the federal application does not require a letter of commitment prior to submission. We acknowledge that timing can by tricky and that there are various moving pieces when applying for federal grants, but currently once a Notice of Award is issued the program can no longer be leveraged as a match.

What does FFY and SFY stand for?

FFY stands for Federal Fiscal Year which begins October 1st and ends September 30th. SFY stands for State Fiscal Year which begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

How do I save my GMP application?

Your application will save automatically as you complete it, and you can change your answers on any survey page until you complete the survey. When you return to the survey, you can pick up where you left off and edit your previous responses until you click the done button. For this setting to work properly, you must use the same device and web browser you used to start your GMP application because a cookie is stored in your browser that remembers your application responses.

Why do some application questions have character limits?

Some application questions have character limits to discourage lengthy submissions and to ease the burden on external reviewers. Having character limits also ensures that applications are evaluated based on a similar amount of information.

My team is part of a much larger organization, and we have different missions and goals. How do I answer the application's questions?

Your applicant organization should correspond to your UEI number for any federal application, which may be a department, division, or team―not a parent organization (i.e., the State of Nevada, Clark County, etc.). The mission and goals should correspond to your specific applicant organization.

Will I be prompted if I leave a question blank on the online application?

Though all application questions are mandatory, it may be possible for an applicant to apply with a partially complete answer. Applicants are encouraged to prepare their application materials in advance, read all the application questions carefully, and review all the pages of their application thoroughly prior to submitting their application.

What if there are multiple applicants and partners? Who should apply to the GMP program?

You may be collaborating with several partners in pursuing a grant opportunity that has a required match. However, there can only be one lead applicant applying to the GMP program. This lead applicant will be the one to certify that the applicant requires either a full or partial match from the GMP program and has exhausted all possible sources of match.

How often are applications reviewed?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The whole GMP program application takes 10 business days from the submission of the GMP application to the issuance of the letter of commitment, if approved.

Does an application need to be in alignment with the state's strategy or align with what the state is trying to achieve?

An application does not need to be in alignment with the state's strategy or align with what the state is trying to achieve. Instead, the application must be in alignment with the organization's documented priorities.

I am a special district government; what organization type should I choose in the application?

Local government includes any special district government organizations, including health districts and school districts.

Do I need to submit my federal grant proposal to the GMP program manager?

Yes. When you submit your federal grant proposal to the federal awarding agency is it expected that you also submit your entire federal grant proposal to grants@ofa.nv.gov attention the GMP program manager. The entire federal application will be saved in your GMP file along with your GMP application and supporting documentation. If you do not provide this documentation, you will not receive the GMP award. The GMP program manager will not be reviewing your federal application nor will the three reviewers. You are responsible for submitting the federal grant application in accordance with the requirements set forth in the federal grants notice of funding opportunity. The GMP program manager is not responsible for the accuracy of your federal grant application or award outcome.

How often can I apply to the GMP program?

You may reapply for all corrected applications for the same grant opportunity and for all eligible grant opportunities. If you apply to the GMP program more than once, you will need to clear your browser’s cookies in order to start a new GMP program application.

Who signs the self-certification form and why?

The self-certification form is signed by the organization’s business and financial leaders. They are certifying that the organization is eligible, and that the organization has exhausted all potential sources for the required match.

If our business leader and financial leader are unavailable to sign the self-certification form, are any other individuals authorized to sign the form on their behalf?

The form does allow for the authorized agency representative with signatory authority to sign for either the business leader or financial leader.

How do I calculate my total project costs?

The total project costs are the sum of your federal funding request amount and the total required match amount. For example, if the total federal funding request is $100,000, and the required match is 10% ($10,000), then your total project cost of your proposed program will be $110,000.

What are the character limits for the application questions?

Based on the question, the character limits for application questions vary from 1,000 to 2,000 characters.

Based on how an applicant responds to the application questions, will the online application automatically disqualify them?

Yes, based on how an applicant responds to specific application questions, they could be automatically disqualified.

How often do you accept applications?

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

What is the difference between federal direct funding and federal pass-through funding?

A federal direct is an award made by a federal agency directly to a non-federal entity. The federal government allows grant recipients to act as pass-through entities in order to provide funding to other recipients. The pass-through entity receives federal funds which it “passes on” or “passes through” to other recipients.

Can I apply to the GMP program for a federal pass-through grant opportunity?

No, you cannot apply to the GMP program for a federal pass-through opportunity. You can only apply to the GMP program for federal direct funding.

Can I submit other materials or information with my application?

No, no additional materials or documents will be accepted. Only required supporting documents will be considered as part of the GMP program application.

How can I get a copy of my submitted GMP program application?

To get a copy of your submitted GMP program application, please send your request to the grants@ofa.nv.gov email address.

Is there a cost to apply to the GMP program?

There is no cost to apply to the GMP program.

I am applying for several grant opportunities with match requirements. Am I able to apply to the GMP program for these grant opportunities?

You can apply to the GMP program as many times as you identify federal grant opportunities with matching requirements. If approved, you may receive multiple GMP match awards for multiple federal grant awards. Please note, you must always apply to the GMP program as the means of last resort and must have exhausted all other possible sources of match.

If an organization already is an approved vendor with the State, do they need to re-register for purposes of the GMP program?

They will not have to re-apply as a vendor for the GMP program as long as they have an active vendor status and all their information is up to date.

Can I pre-qualify for the GMP program application?

No, you cannot pre-qualify for the GMP program. You must fill out the online application once you have identified your grant opportunity and the required match. Additionally, you must have and exhausted all possible sources of match and the NOFO must be active at time of application to the GMP program.

My organization is based outside of Nevada, and my program may or may not be operating in Nevada. Am I eligible to apply to the GMP program?

The GMP program will only provide match funds for federal grant opportunities where the grant-funded services take place in Nevada.

What is a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)? Why do I have to have a UEI?

A Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) is the official identifier for entities doing business with the government. It is a 12-charcter alphanumeric ID assigned to an entity by SAM.gov. For more information, visit SAM.gov or the Federal Service Desk, FSD.gov. Currently, organizations register through SAM.gov to attain a UEI. As part of the GMP program match award process, a risk assessment will be conducted as required by Nevada grant policy. The UEI is required information to allow the risk assessment to be conducted and allow the applicant organization to go forward with the process. Even if an applicant organization is not applying for federal funds, the UEI is a requirement of the GMP program.
Each applicant (unless the applicant is an individual or has been otherwise exempted in accordance with 2 C.F.R. 25.110) is required to:(i) Be registered in SAM.gov before submitting its application; (ii) Provide a valid unique entity identifier (UEI) in its application; and (iii) Continue to maintain an active SAM registration with current information at all times during which it has an active Federal award or an application or plan under consideration by a Federal awarding agency.
OFA may not make a GMP award to an applicant until the applicant has complied with all applicable UEI and SAM requirements and, if an applicant has not fully complied with the requirements by the time OFA is ready to make a GMP award, OFA may determine that the applicant is not qualified to receive a GMP award and use that determination as a basis for making a GMP award to another applicant.

Post Application

Will you provide a letter of approval or acknowledgement that the applicant has been approved for a match award?

A letter of commitment will be issued noting that a grant match award is contingent on the award of the federal grant (NOGA).

If an applicant is approved for the full match request but then doesn't get awarded the federal grant, what happens to those approved match funds?

If an applicant is approved for an award from the GMP program and then does not get the federal grant (NOGA), the match funds that were committed will be unencumbered and will be available to other applicants on a first come first served basis.

My GMP program application has been approved for a match fund award. However, what if I end up securing a possible match from either an internal or external source? Will this affect my approved match from the GMP?

Yes, it is your responsibility to inform the GMP program manager if you have managed to secure a possible match source after you have been successfully approved and/or awarded by the GMP program. In such cases, your total approved/awarded GMP match award may be reduced or eliminated.

I was approved for GMP program match funding and then my program changed while I was drafting my proposal. What should I do?

You must immediately notify the GMP program manager. Your programmatic changes may have an impact on your approval.


What does "documented priorities" mean in the application?

Documented priorities mean the agency has a written record of having worked towards these priorities. If a website or online resource is not available to demonstrate an organization's mission or vision, other acceptable forms of documentation include a strategic plan, annual report, press coverage (e.g., newspaper articles), organizational bylaws, business plan, etc. Social media is an acceptable form of documented online.

What do you mean by my organization's "scope of services?"

Services your organization are currently providing.

What is meant by a grant program that builds capacity for future grant opportunities?

An example can include planning grants. Not all grants are meant to build capacity for future grant dollars. Sometimes grants, like those for natural disasters, are a one-time use awarded to help meet a specific goal, and once that goal is met, the program is over. Not all projects are undertaken in order to provide the need for future money.

What is meant by a grant opportunity that helps an organization sustain a program?

Sustaining a program refers to the continuation or maintenance of a set of activities and resources. Program design best practices encourage grant applicants to find creative strategies for program sustainability beyond only finding alternative funding revenues (e.g. beginning to build program income so the program sustains itself).

What is a "frontier community?"

A variety of methodologies for describing frontier communities exist. In general, frontier community is a sparsely populated area that are geographically isolated from population centers and services and often lack resources and infrastructure. The GMP program is using the definition consistent with the Nevada State Office of Rural Health, which defines frontier communities on a county-by-county basis. In Nevada, frontier communities include the following counties: Churchill, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye, Pershing, and White Pine.

What does "underserved" mean?

Underserved means those Nevadans who are facing barriers that make it difficult to communicate, access, or receive needed services.

What does it mean to "add services?"

Adding services encompasses both new or expanded services or activities that your organization will provide.

What is the difference between a business leader and a financial leader?

A business leader is the administrator, chief executive officer (CEO) or director within an organization; whereas the financial leader is the department finance office or Governor's Finance Office for state agencies, controller/comptroller for local governments; and chief financial officer (CFO) for tribal governments and nonprofit organizations.

What is the difference between cash and in-kind match?

In-kind refers to the value of non-cash contributions that may be in the form of real property, equipment, supplies, services and other expendable property; this can include the value of volunteer time or salaries of partner organizations. Cash refers to the available funds in your most recent legislatively approved or approved organizational operating budget (including staff salaries), partner contributions, or third-party donations and match.

What is meant by emergency match?

Emergency match is when an anticipated form of match does not come through after an award by a federal agency is made. The GMP program cannot be used to back-fill lost sources of match that were guaranteed when an award was issued.

What is the difference between a mandatory/formula grant and a discretionary/competitive grant?

A mandatory grant is awarded under the requirements and amount (or based on a formula) in statute. These take the form of block grants and entitlement programs. A discretionary grant is one that is awarded through a competitive process and calls for applications issued through a notice of funding opportunity (NOFO).

What is an example of a mandatory grant?

Examples of mandatory grants include the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development and Block Grant, Department of Health and Human Services' Child Care and Development Block Grant, Medicaid, and Department of Labor's Federal-State unemployment Insurance Program.

What is an example of a discretionary grant?

Examples of discretionary grants include the Department of Education's GEAR UP, Department of Health and Human Service's System of Care, and the Environmental Protection Agency's Wetland Program Development.

Technical Assistance

Does the Grant Office provide technical assistance?

Yes, the GMP program manager will provide technical assistance.


How can I know if I’ve exhausted all sources of match?

You have exhausted all sources of match if you are unable to acquire match funds from within your organizational operating budget, which includes staff salaries, or from your partners’ budgets. If the grant opportunity includes in-kind match as an option, you must explore all possible in-kind match prior to seeking cash match from the GMP program. If you need technical assistance regarding match, contact the GMP program manager at grants@ofa.nv.gov.

What documentation do I need to submit to show that I have exhausted all sources of available match?

The self-certification form needs to be signed by both the business and finance leaders of the applicant organization to verify that the organization has exhausted all possible sources of match. Additionally, the applicant must demonstrate in the application how they have explored all possible match sources.

If we have money in our budget that we could possibly use for match, does that mean we haven't exhausted all sources of match?

Yes, your organizational budget is considered a source of match. This would mean that all potential match sources have not been exhausted.

I have $100,000 donation for a match, but the match requirement is $150,000. Can this program cover the remaining $50,000?

In this example, you can apply to the GMP program for the remaining $50,000 required match balance (this is known as a partial match request). The Nevada Grant Matching Program wards eligible applicants cash grants up to 50% of the required match necessary to receive federal funding awards.

Where can I go for more information about match?

The Office of Federal Assistance has a host of information regarding grants in the following documents: Nevada Grant Manual ,  Nevada Grant Policy Manual and the Nevada State Administrative Manual. Additional tools, resources and information can be found at our website under our resource library.

Will matching funds be available up front if my federal grant indicates I must expend any match before I can drawdown any federal funds?

Yes, match funds will be available up front, and applicants need to follow the federal grant guidelines regarding match spending and cost allocation. Expenses should be reported as either being paid with federal dollars or match dollars.

Does my letter of commitment documenting partial match from another source need to be in a particular format?

No particular format is required. We suggest that the letter be on letterhead, include the amount of the match commitment, and the name of the funding opportunity. If you need a sample of a letter of commitment, please contact the GMP program manager at grants@ofa.nv.gov.

Is there a limit to the match fund request in the GMP program?

Yes. The GMP program awards cash grants to satisfy up to 50% of the required match necessary to receive federal funding. For example, if applying for a federal award with a 20 percent match requirement, the GMP can only satisfy up to half of that 20 percent, the remaining match must be sought out through other non-federal sources.

I have been awarded a grant that requires a match. Am I eligible to apply to the GMP program for the required match?

If you have been awarded a federal grant that requires match and you have not yet signed the award (fully accepted the award), you may apply to the GMP program for up to 50% of the required match necessary to receive the federal funds after exhausting all other sources of match. If you have been awarded a federal grant and have signed the award (fully accepted the award), you are no longer eligible for the GMP program.


What is the overall purpose of the GMP program?

The overall purpose of the GMP program is to reduce the number of organizations that are passing on federal grant opportunities due to a lack of available match funds and to help increase the amount of grant funding coming into Nevada.

Are there specific types of programs the GMP program will fund?

The GMP program will fund any type of program when the organization has applied, been found eligible, and approved for a match award.

Does the GMP program have budget limitations or a certain threshold for a match request based on the request of the overall program?

The Grant Matching Account operates within the limits of the monies appropriated according to AB445. The Grant Matching Account has $1,000,000 at the beginning of each fiscal year. A prequalified and approved GMP application will be awarded the match amount requested up to 50% of the required match necessary to receive the federal funding.

What is the GMP appropriation being used for?

The GMP appropriation made by Senate Bill 528 in the amount of $1 million will be used to fund approved match requests for those organizations that are found eligible.

Are certain types of organizations or agencies given funding priority?

There are no organizations or agencies that are given funding priority. The GMP program will fund any type of program when the organization has applied, been found eligible, and approved for a match award. However, the Assembly Bill 489 states priority will be given to grant opportunities that add services to constituents, aligns with the documented priorities of the agency, addresses the needs of underserved or frontier communities, helps build capacity for future grant opportunities, and enables an organization to sustain the grant in its next budget.

Is the GMP program intended only for federal funding?

Yes, the GMP program is only intended for federal funding. Federal pass-through grants are ineligible.

Why is the GMP program accepting applications on a first-come, first-served ongoing basis?

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served ongoing basis and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. They are not pooled together and evaluated against each other. This is because federal grant opportunities are released on an ongoing basis with application due dates occurring throughout the year.

Can the GMP program provide multi-year commitments for match?

The GMP program provides a one-time lump-sum for approved applications.

Can the GMP match funds be used for administrative purposes?

The GMP program provides assistance with federal match funds. Any spending restrictions on funding comes from the federal grant and not the GMP program.

Will the GMP program approve two applications for the same federal funding opportunity?

If we receive applications for the same funding opportunity where collaboration between applicants may make an application from Nevada more competitive, we will engage both applicants to suggest they work together on a single proposal. Two applications to the GMP program for the same funding opportunity will not be competing against each other; each will be evaluated on its own merits with the federal agency making the ultimate determination on which applicant is awarded.

Can I apply to the GMP program for a state-issued grant opportunity with a match requirement?

No, you cannot apply to the GMP program for a grant opportunity issued by a state agency, whether as a state grant or a federal pass-through grant. The purpose of the GMP program is to bring in new grant dollars into Nevada.


Where can I find the review criteria that's being used to evaluate my application?

The review criteria can be found on the Office of Federal Assistance website.

Do applications undergo a technical review?

Yes, the GMP program manager will first conduct a technical review to make sure that the information submitted in the application is complete and consistent. Applications that are incomplete or have inconsistent information will fail the technical review and will not be evaluated by the review team.

What happens if I fail the technical review?

The GMP program manager will reach out to the application's listed point of contact to resolve any inconsistencies within the application. Every effort will be made to ensure that applications are quickly corrected to pass the technical review and be forwarded to the review team for evaluation. However, applications with errors may require more than 10 business days for a match funding decision.

How is my GMP program application evaluated?

Although the review team is not evaluating an applicant’s federal organization grant proposal, it is evaluating the organization’s suitability for matching funds based on their answers about their organization, the grant opportunity, and the applicant organization’s proposed program. Each GMP program application is being evaluated on its own merit, and not competitively against other applicants. The review team will only be able to see the GMP program application and the supporting documents. The review team will use a scale ranging from excellent to unsatisfactory (excellent, strong, average, basic, weak, and unsatisfactory) to evaluate applications.

How many points does my application need to have to be approved for funding?

A minimum passing score of 60 is generated from the average scores of the three assigned review team members.

If two organizations apply for the same grant opportunity, are you going to review and evaluate them side by side and compare them to see which one is approved and which one isn't?

If two organizations apply for the GMP program for the same funding opportunity, they will not be evaluated competitively against each other.

Do reviewers have access to the supporting documentation uploaded with the GMP application?

Review team members will be provided the GMP application and all supporting documents that were submitted.

What constitutes a conflict of interest? What would disqualify an individual from being a reviewer?

Conflicts of interest can be actual, potential, or perceived. They can relate to professional organizations and associations, boards and councils, employment, or any other involvement that could be a conflict of interest for the reviewer. The reviewer would be disqualified from reviewing only the GMP program application the conflict pertained to. The reviewer would not be disqualified from future review opportunities.

Are review team comments and scores provided to the applicants?

Applicants may request a copy their application scores and comments from the GMP program manager.

Does the review team make the final funding decision?

The average score of the three review team members will be compared to the required 60 points to determine if an applicant organization is approved for a grant match award. Only the scores of review team determine the final funding decision.

Are review team members meeting in person or are they conducting review committee evaluations via telephone, videoconference, etc.?

Review team members will individually complete their evaluation and scoring documents and then send them to the GMP program manager for averaging.

How many reviewers will be assigned to review each GMP application submitted?

There will be three external review team members assigned to each GMP application.

Is there an appeal process if I don’t agree with the GMP program funding decision?

Yes, there is a secondary review process available if an applicant’s average score did not achieve the minimum passing score of 60 points. To pursue a secondary review, applicants must make the request in writing within three business days after the written notification of the adverse determination is emailed. Only one secondary evaluation review is allowed for each GMP program application received. Applicants are not allowed to modify their application in any way prior to the secondary review.


When does an organization apply to the GMP program?

An organization should apply to the GMP program as soon as possible, prior to accepting a federal award.

What is the timeline for processing a GMP program match request from application to award?

Application timeline for processing begins once a completed and accurate application is submitted along with all the required supporting documentation. Once a complete application has been received, the timeline from application to award is approximately 10 business days.