July 2023 Training - Introduction to Grant Writing - Developing Your Common Grant Application

Take the mystery out of grant writing by following the steps outlined in in this video. This recorded webinar is the first in a series that will help you develop a Common Grant Application and tackle those tricky spots in grant writing. The end goal is to help you become "Grant Ready" so you can move quickly on the grants you really want.


"Grant Ready" is when all of the commonly asked components of your grant application are done. Begin prepared in advance allows you the ability to take advantage of the grant opportunities that come your way. You will save time, money and stress when you are ready to strike when the pan is hot!


Also included are grant discovery resources, curated federal grant opportunities, additional training and much more!


Q & A Responses

Q&A Responses from the Introduction to Grant Writing:  Developing Your Common Grant Application can be found underneath our general and compliance dropdowns underneath FAQs on our main menu. 


If you have an unanswered question please email us as grants@ofa.nv.gov.