June 2023 Training - Taking a Look at the Nevada Grant Manual

On June 26th, 2023 OFA held a free virtual training to provide all stakeholders (state agencies, non-profits, local governments and tribal governments) on the freshly overhauled Nevada Grant Manual. It was clarified, expanded, and updated to be a reference for all stakeholders --not just state agencies. 


If you would like more information, want grant advice or have a question, please reach out via email at grants@ofa.nv.gov. We love working with our Nevada stakeholders. It is a privilege to provide technical assistance whenever we can.

All links shared during the presentation are included as hyperlinks in the slide deck. You can download the slide deck by navigating to the right hand side of this page (or underneath the video on a mobile device) underneath resources.







Q & A Responses

Q&A Responses from the Navigating Nevada State Processes for Federal Grant Timelines can be found underneath our general and compliance dropdowns underneath FAQs on our main menu. If you have an unanswered question please email us as grants@ofa.nv.gov.