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    Nevada Grant Matching Program is Now Accepting Applications for SFY24

    One of the most common barriers to applying for federal funds is the inability to obtain the required matching (or cost sharing) funds. This barrier often results in Nevada losing out on competitive federal grant funding.

    The Governor’s Office of Federal Assistance manages a Grant Matching Program (GMP) to help state agencies, local agencies, tribal governments, and non-profits receive assistance on the required match for competitive federal grants. For State Fiscal Year 2024, the GMP has $1 million in funding to help eligible applicants.

    The Nevada Grant Matching Program funds are available for stakeholders who are applying for federal grants with a match requirement. Here are some of the specifics:

    • First come, first serve
    • It must be for a new competitive federal grant opportunity, that has not been awarded
    • All applicants must have exhausted all efforts to find available funding first
    • All applicants must have
      • A valid UEI number
      • State Vendor number
    • The requested match cannot exceed 50% of the required grant match
    • The grant will provide not less than $2 for each $1 received from the Grant Matching Account
    • Subject to fund availability

    Visit our Grant Matching Program for more information.

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        Gearing Up for Success: How to Become Grant Ready

        Before you start looking for a federal grant, there are several things you need to do to position your agency to be as successful as possible. Being prepared will allow your agency to move quickly on any grant opportunity that best fits your organization’s mission.

        Step 1: Get Your Common Grant Application Ready

        Begin by preparing your Common Grant Application. Start by gathering the background of your organization:

        • Organization
        • Current Programs
        • Inclusiveness & Diversity
        • Planning
        • Board/Goverance
        • Volunteers

        Learn How to Develop Your Common Grant Application.

        Step 2: Identify a Problem

        Your grant application will present a solution to and identified issue or need. Write a quick paragraph explaining how your organization can solve the problem.

        The purpose of this exercise is to gain clarity on the problem and how to solve it.

        Step 3: Begin to Develop a Line-Item Budget & Description on How to Solve the Problem

        When your organization identifies an area where federal grant funding could be utilized, begin assembling the information to help develop a budget for the grant application. By pulling together the costs associated with the program/project as it is developed, this will help you when the time comes to create your proposed line-item budget.

        Want to Learn More?

        Check out the OFA Grant Writing Information Packet and free training to begin gearing up for grant writing success! Download it now!

        This new information packet includes:

        • Where to find grants
        • Advice from a 30+ year grant writing veteran
        • Components of a Common Grant Application
        • Writing workflow tips
        • Needs statement advice
        • Much more!

        Want to learn more?
        Check out the OFA Grant Writing Information Packet and free training to begin gearing up for grant writing success!

          2020 Census Detailed Demographic and Housing Data Opens on Sept 21st

          Every successful grant application needs reliable data to validate your needs statement, budget narrative, scope of work and more. The problem is finding reliable data outside your organization can be a difficult task.

          The Census Bureau is releasing the 2020 Census Detailed Demographic and Housing Characteristics File A on September 21st.

          “With the Detailed DHC-A, the amount of data available for the detailed race and ethnic groups and AIAN tribes and villages depends on their population size within a specific geography. This approach allows the Census Bureau to produce as much detail as possible while ensuring strong confidentiality protections.”

          Data used correctly can help transform your grant application from a hope for funding to the success of an award!

          Check this out for more information. 

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